Designing is a Passion

Ron Oakley - Designer and Artist   Ron Oakley, studied under master jewelers at the ripe old age of 13 on his birthday. Roland, his father gave him a gold ring for his birthday and told him he had no time to size it. Pleading to no avail, Ron sized his first ring that day. Oakley Jewelers employed a manufacturer jeweler that had spent a life time honing his skills. Ron was able to learn from a master, versed in every phase of manufacturing fine jewelry.

However, Ron did not stop with on-the-job training and in 1971 attended Trenton's Jewelery School, Knoxville, Tennessee as well as completing two course with the Gemological Institute of America (GIA), namely Diamond Grading and Colored Stone courses.

"Casting became my passion," reveals Ron, "and I learned casting techniques working with dental a lab above Oakley's in the 70s. You know how close those tolerances have to be. It was my idea of honing my skills."

Never becoming complacent - both Matt and Ron in 1999 began training with Model Master Cad Cam to produce precise and perfect designs for their customers.

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